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Welcome The Slayer’s Take!
A few things you need to know about the guild:
The Slayer’s Take was formed deep in the Southern Ward by a mysterious wizard named Valrend. Though none of the current members have ever seen their mysterious benefactor, the Take seems to prosper. The Rules of the take are simple, work, and you can stay. Only do jobs according to your rank, and if you have a problem with a guild-mate, settle it in the pit.

The city of Waterdeep:

Rising from the shores of its deep harbor to ring the
great mountain standing tall out of the Sea of Swords
is Waterdeep, the City of Splendors and the Crown
of the North. To all of Faerun, this great metropolis
stands as the pinnacle of what a great city might be, in
wealth, influence, and stability. Here, the citizens work,
the nobles sneer, and the great masked lords plot and
scheme, all while merchants dance between them to
collect their coins and continue profiting as best they
can. Waterdeep’s shops and merchants offer goods
of every sort from every corner of Toril, and even the
rarest of items can be procured, given sufficient coin
and patience. Adventurers lacking one or the other can
very easily find all manner of employment, from simple
escorting of caravans, to guarding nobility, to investigating
a ruin or rumor of monsters anywhere in the North.

Waterdeep has long been divided into several large regions
called wards. To locals these are essential to Waterdeep,
but outsiders often lose track of which ward they’re in or
what a ward’s name signifies. The names of the wards suggest
the contents of the buildings and the character of the
activity in each one, but no laws exist that restrict a given
activity or class of people to any specific ward.

Castle Ward.
As the name indicates, Castle Ward contains
Castle Waterdeep, Pierge iron ‘s Palace, and many
other public buildings of the city. This ward is home to
mainly the wealthy or influential who can’t count themselves
among the nobility. Other structures are taken up by
educational or religious concerns that primarily serve the
city at large, not the residents of the ward.

Dock Ward.

Most of the city’s harbor area is located in
Dock Ward, as are the businesses and warehouses that
depend on the city’s newly restored harbor. It’s a crowded
neighborhood of many winding streets, where folk are
comfortable making deals that might in other places provoke
the displeasure of the law.

Field Ward.
Of relatively recent vintage, the Field Ward
stands between the inner and outer north walls of the city
(an area formerly used as a caravan grounds) . This ward
grew up in a messy, unregulated fashion and is home to
many of the poorest residents of the city.
North Ward. Home to many noble villas, townhouses,
and a great many inns, North Ward is the neighborhood of
the respectably wealthy.

Sea Ward.

Those whose fortunes are on the rise build
their homes in Sea Ward, and they join many long-established
noble families in residence. This area in the northwest
of the city is home to much of the city’s wealth, the
location of the grandest villas of the city’s noble families
(except for those in North Ward).

Southern Ward.

Stables, warehouses, and shops related
to overland trade dominate Southern Ward . Most residents
are hardworking folk that load and unload caravan carts,
and otherwise perform low-paying work.

Trades Ward. A narrow slice of land between the Castle

Ward and the City of the Dead, Trades Ward is the center
of commerce for the city, with most of the smaller transactions
and respectable trade taking place here.
City of the Dead. The city’s walled cemetery, the City of
the Dead is the only place in Waterdeep where it is legal to
bury the deceased. It is used by many citizens as a public
park during the day, a lovely green space of pretty mausoleums
and grand statues in which to escape the city’s
hustle and bustle.


While not considered by many to be a ward
of the city, the little villages and many farms that sprawl
across the land east of the city were lawfully incorporated
into Waterdeep when it moved a barracks and training facility to the area.


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